Update: Monday Evening Matwork Classes

From 2018 Physioworks will no longer be running Monday Evening Matwork Classes

Thank you Suzy for all your years of service for our Matwork Classes

Suzy’s last Matwork classes will be 18 December 2017

Wednesday Evenings will run with the Levels of: Beginners at 6pm & General/Intermediate at 7pm.

Gemma Bass-Williams runs the Wednesday Evening Classes.

Physioworks Matwork Classes

Physioworks runs two popular Matwork classes a week at The Meeting Rooms, Neal’s Yard, Covent Garden.

As a busy Londoner finds it difficult to commit to a class every week we don’t run our classes by the term, we realistically run them as drop in classes where your place must be reserved for each class, on a first come first served basis.

Our Matwork class clients are often those who had initially made contact with Physioworks for treatment but who are now managing their own ‘postural fitness,’ some clients have progressed through to higher levels of Pilates which require more advanced movement control and strength so our classes are pitched to ability groups.


Single Class

Block of 5
£14.00 each

Block of 10
£12.50 each

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Booking Information

Bookings and Payments for our Matwork Classes can now only be made online and on this page.
This service is for all advance bookings for classes from the 15th of February 2016.

For your first booking, select which class you wish to attend and click its ‘Book’ button - remember to set up a password so you can manage existing bookings. Once you have registered you will need to click 'Log in’ and get to ‘Your account’ to cancel or amend bookings.

You will have options to buy a single class or buy blocks of 5 or 10 classes. You can hold your credit in the online Wallet and use them as you want to. The payment agent is Pay Pal, though you do not need to have a Pay Pal account.

We have a 24 hour cancellation policy. There is a wait list option so that if a cancellation occurs in a full class the top 5 people on the wait list gets emailed and the first to respond gets the place.

Advice for New Clients

Suzy Barton manages our Pilates services. You may have been pointed towards Pilates as a long term management programme for a current or resolving physical problem so you may be new to Pilates, or Physioworks. We ask that before booking that you email suzy@physioworks.co.uk so you can be directed to the most appropriate class. Please outline any issues or recent pain you may have had and whether you have received treatment.

If you have current pain you may be asked to see our Physiotherapist or perhaps have an initial Studio Pilates 1:1 session before joining the matwork class. We are happy to receive letters from GP’s or other Therapists so we know where you are in your recovery and what your limitations might be.

What to bring?

We provide your Mat and any small equipment you will need for your class. Bring a bottle of water, and clothes suitable to move in, socks, no trainers are required.

What do our levels mean?

Gentle Beginners

This is where it all begins, you may have only recently been allowed to go to Pilates by your Therapist. You may have restrictions placed upon you like ‘you must keep your low back in neutral during exercise’. To begin with it might take a while to work out what the instructions mean within your own body. The Teacher will be giving preparatory exercises, often a small component of a bigger whole body Pilates exercise and sometimes you are anything but smooth in your execution. The class will still be flowing but there may be more time set aside for explanation and hands on correction by the Pilates Teacher.

Progressed Beginners

You will be familiar with the vernacular of Pilates and be able to translate the ‘words’ of the Pilates Teacher into ‘feelings’ within your own body. You will have familiarity with the choreography of a lot of Matwork exercises, but you may have physical restrictions such as shortness of muscles or tight joints, and perhaps have problems with sequencing your movement flow. You may just be weak. You need this class to improve your movement control and strengthen up. You need to do the graft!

Intermediate / Advanced

This is the class you have been aspiring to since you started Pilates. You have developed strength and smoothness of movement, and sometimes you might feel that you might even look like an athlete, dancer or gymnast. In reality you will still have your own physical limitations and the Teacher will delight in ratcheting up the complexity or strength requirement to keep you looking like the student pilates practitioner you are.

General Level

This class moves with the level of those that attend, some will be more able than you and others will be less able. Your Teacher will give an exercise to the class but then give specific variations to different people within the class so the complexity or strength requirement is pitched to the level of the individual.